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About Beyond Form Creative Writing

At Beyond Form Creative Writing, we believe a writers’ creativity should not be defined or limited by literary traditions and that all stories deserve to be told, and told in whatever way suits them best, regardless of literary traditions. We make our products and courses accessible to all, actively foster community in experimental practice and employ experimental teaching methods to give creative writers permission and space to explore their work. We are a creative writing hub, offering courses, mentoring, publications and events all dedicated to exploring experimental forms.


Our Values:


  • Daring

We believe it is essential to question tradition and step outside normal pedagogical and literary practice.


  • Pioneering

We push boundaries and are continually in search of different and better ways of teaching and exploring creative practice. We will help you to push your writing into new places.


  • Curious

At Beyond Form Creative Writing we are on a quest for knowledge and new and experimental writing and reading practices and want to help you on your path.


  • Generous

We believe in creating an open and welcome space for creative practitioners from all mediums and strive to offer this to all readers and writers. Additionally we are dedicated to sharing expertise and resources, and make products and services accessible to all.


  • Supportive

We are committed to fostering ongoing and mutually beneficial relationships with the arts community and make efforts to create and maintain a vibrant community within our platform.

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