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Experiments in Art Writing
with Emma Gomis


Full Price: £30

Concession 1: £15

Concession 2: £15

Monday January 23rd

6-8:00pm (GMT) via Zoom


Experimental writing provides paths that open in their potential to reimagine; it inhabits liminal spaces of in-betweens as it strives to rupture. When this mode is brought to bear upon an art object, the resultant text can often read as a type of splintered, improper criticism (in its disregard for the conventions of formal critique) embedded within a playfully anarchic and hybrid essay.


Writing in a mode of what Lisa Robertson calls ‘the parallel text’ or what Lynne Tillman (via Craig Owens) calls writing ‘alongside’ rather than ‘about’ art, this workshop will focus on hybrid experimentation which straddles art criticism and experimental literature, and how it can result in a writing that merges critical and poetic prose. Following a tradition of the avant-garde, these experiments can allow us to investigate critical architectures that bridge the gap from a visual art object to language.

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