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A Word From Our Director

Welcome to Beyond Form Creative Writing! As long as I can remember I have been scribbling words down onto the page. As an undergraduate I studied Victorian Literature and being a writer felt like something out of my reach, until I took a course in fiction writing. I wrote a story written in two columns that could be read three different ways. I hadn't really known what I had written. Was it prose? Poetry? A Short story? It wasn't until I started my MFA in Creative Writing at Goddard College and studied with Bhanu Kapil that I learned that I was writing hybrid and experimental writing. I learned there was an entire world of writers challenging form, content, and structure. When I discovered this world I fell in love and never looked back.


Those of us who work within experimental forms are often told our work is too weird for publication, that it is too complex, that it just doesn't fit. I founded Beyond Form Creative Writing because I wanted to make a place dedicated to the celebration of the strange and wonderful world of experimental work. I wanted to create a space where artists working across all mediums, writers, and readers could come together. If you have found yourself here, I hope you have found a home. A creative hub entirely dedicated to offering you workshops, events, and publications highlighting experimental work. My greatest hope is you find a space to explore, interrogate, inspire, and innovate your creative practice.

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