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Making Your Creative Space Work
with Jeanne Adams

Full Price: £30

Concession 1: £15

Concession 2: £15

Monday November 28th

6-8:00pm (GMT) via Zoom


Where you write and create often affects HOW you write yet the influence of the right environment is often overlooked. We just squeeze in a little time here and there without figuring out if where we’re
creating actually works! Have you evaluated your creative environment? Do you know if you
create more/better when there’s silence or background noise? Are you more likely to stay focused
at home alone or sitting in a coffee shop surrounded by strangers? Does your office area make
you want to create, or run? Assessing and adapting your creative space can increase your
productivity - and most of the changes are simple, inexpensive and easy enough to do in a day.
Join Jeanne Adams for this enlightening workshop where you’ll go through a checklist for your
creative space. Based on your answers, you can make changes that make your space
work for you, which means you’ll get more pages/products/art from the time you have in the
space you have.

Open to all skill levels and writers and creatives of any medium!

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