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With Declan Wiffen

LEVEL 1: £175 or £25/session (plus a sticker, badge, and journal)
LEVEL 2: £87.50 or £12.50/session (limited to 6 spaces)
LEVEL 3: £43.75 or £6.25/session (application needed and limited to 6 spaces)

2 Free Bursary Spaces Available

Starts Wednesday April 20th

6-8:00pm (GMT) via Zoom


These seven workshops invite you to inhabit the environments, ecologies & landscapes you live in through the practice of wandering without specific goal; collecting experiences and scavenging for writing material from the worlds around you. What unexpected encounters might occur if we follow our desire into the unknown? How might this practice reorient us towards a dying planet? 

These workshops are suited to people writing in any form (poetry, fiction, non-fiction) and all skill levels. Sign up for all weeks or just the ones that you are most interested in!


Week 1: April 20th Cruising Nature—introduction to a writing practice

You will explore the possibilities of “nature writing” as cruising, experimenting with weather, landscape, architecture, animals/plants and the human.


Week 2: April 27th Threshold Ecologies—embracing the in-between

Thinking of ourselves as thresholds between nature and culture, we will explore spaces and objects that are liminal, such as motorway verges, pavement cracks and post-industrial landscapes. 


Week 3: May 4th Scavenging for Survival—excavating the hidden

Building on ideas of scavenging, mudlarking, and metal detecting, we will excavate erased, overlooked and buried histories to incorporate into stories for earthly survival.


Week 4: May 11th Tracking the Anthropocene—with Danne Jobin

Following methods of tracking and foraging, we will write into ideas of queer mapping while tracing the ways that the Anthropocene appears in our environments, desires and ecologies. 


Week 5: May 18th Dirty Prose—with Wendy Allen

What does cruising nature look like as style? This workshop will think about the relationship between form and content when approaching the world around us.


Week 6: May 25th Perverted Pastorals, Camp Natures––with Tawnya Renelle 

What are queer pastorals? Is nature camp? This workshop will think about nostalgia, longing and sentimentality in approaching the bucolic, the rural, the trashy and cottage core. 

Week 7: June 1st The New New Old New Nature Writing!!

Taking the opportunity to mock and embrace different aspects of nature writing, this workshop will enable you to think about your own style in relation to ecological concerns and collaborate with others as you move forward with your writing practice. 


June 8th: Cruising Nature––Optional Open Mic