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Dancing Words, Rhythmic Writing
with Valeria Levi

Full Price: £180 for all or £30 per session (Free Merch Gift)

Concession 1: £90 for all or £15 per session 

Concession 2: £60 for all or £10 per session 

6 Sessions 

Starts February 13th


6-8:00pm (GMT) via Zoom

You are not going to write about dance. You are not going to dance holding your pen and your notebook. This course is a space where movement and writing come together to help you find out more about yourself.  Like in your everyday life you learn about yourself by practising living, here the adventure consists of learning about yourself by practising movement and writing.

Movement and writing will be your companions in a journey of self-discovery where all you need to bring is yourself and your experiences. You will reflect on what writing and movement can bring to your life but also what you can bring to dance and writing. What makes you a dancer (or mover, if you prefer) and a writer? Who are you as a dancer and a writer? are some of the questions you are going to ask yourself not to look for answers but to enrich your practice.  


The course is made up of six workshops where you will explore three topics (your story, your environment, your personality). Each topic is going to be discussed for two workshops under two sub-topics. You can sign up for individual sessions or all.


Each session will be split into two halves. The first half will be dedicated to movement while the second half will be focused on writing. Movement and writing exercises will be connected to each other and help us explore the same topic from different angles.


It is not required to have any dance/ movement or writing qualification. Open to all levels.


Nobody is expected to perform or share any of their dancing and writing without their consent.

Week 1 February 13th: Your Story/Past

You will learn that one of the elements that impact being a dancer/ mover or writer is your personal story. In this session you will focus on ways in which your past has affected you as well as your way of moving and writing. 


Week 2 February 27th: Your Story/Present

You will continue to explore the concept of your personal story but this time you will look at how your present influences your movement and writing journey. 


Week 3 March 13th: Environment and Physical Space

You will learn that another element impacting being a dancer/ mover or writer is your environment. This session will be an opportunity for you to explore how the physical space(s) you find yourself in constantly influence you and how you make an impact on the space through movement and writing.  


Week 4 March 20th: Environment and Relationships

In this session you will still focus on the concept of environment but from a different perspective: environment as the space for your relationships. You will find the different ways relationships impact your movement and writing and vice versa, how changing something in your writing and movement can make a difference in your relationships.


Week 5 April 3rd:  Your Personality/Strengths

You will learn that the third crucial element that makes you the dancer/ mover and writer you are is your personality. Everyone has a different quality of movement and writing and each quality has its highlights and its struggles. In this session you will reflect on which are your strengths as a dancer/ mover and writer.


Week 6 April 17th: Your Personality/Challenges   

While focusing on the topic of your personality, you will learn what challenges you might encounter as the mover/ dancer and writer you are. This session is not about labelling yourself or undermining your self-esteem but rather serves as an occasion for you to learn how you can face those challenges and find a better balance between these and your strengths. 

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