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Experiencing the Experiment of Creative Writing
with Tawnya Selene Renelle

Full Price: £240 for all or £30 per session (Free Merch Gift)

Concession 1: £120 for all or £15 per session (limited to 6 spaces)

Concession 2: £80 for all or £10 per session (limited to 6 spaces)

2 Free Bursary Spots (with application)

Starts Thursday April 20th

This course will run some weeks on Wednesday and some weeks on Thursday

6-8:00pm (GMT) via Zoom

For her DFA thesis Tawnya Selene Renelle wrote a textbook and workbook about experimental writing. This 9 week course is the result of that book. Each week you will be invited to explore a different theme as a way to experiment and explore creative writing.

With a diverse range of examples and exercises, all registered attendees will be given the chapters from her book to explore at their own leisure. Additionally you will have access to recordings of sessions, copies of exercises and a variety of optional materials including book excerpts, videos, music, and more.

You are welcome to sign up for all or just the weeks that most interest you and your project.

This course is suited to all levels of experience and writers and artists of any genre or medium.

Week 1  Thursday April 20th: Failure

How does failure lead to innovation? In what ways is failure an essential component of experimental writing and process? How can you reorient yourself to failure?

Week 2 Thursday April 27th: The Body

How can we use the body as a site for inspiration for our work? Can we develop forms and structures which allow for embodied representation?

Week 3 Wednesday May 3rd: Memories, Time, and Dreams

How might we explore the intersections of memory, time, and dreams? Does our writing have to be linear? Does our dream world hold the key to our creative process?

Week 4 Wednesday May 10th: Death, Dying, and Grief

How does grief shape the form and structure of our words? Can we envision or imagine our own death on the page? What forms of grief outside of the loss of a person can we explore in writing?

Week 5 Wednesday May 17th: All About Love

What are all the forms of love we experience? Can we express love for the reader and ourselves in the work we create?

Week 6 Wednesday May 24th: Family and Community

How does experimental writing create space for queer family making? What kinds of connections and bonds do we form when we express story through experimental means? What role does collaboration play in writing?

Week 7 Thursday June 1st: Performance

How can we use performative techniques as an element of written work? Can a text perform on the page?  How are both reading and writing acts of performance?

Week 8 Wednesday June 7th: The Othered Voice

Why does experimental writing draw the othered voice? In what ways does exploring new sites of construction on the page create an opportunity for the othered voice to speak?

Optional Open Mic Wednesday June 14th

Check back in March to Register!

or email to express your interest:

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