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Fuck Plants
with Declan Wiffen

Full Price: £210 or £30/session (Free Merch Gift)

Concession 1: £105 or £15/session (limited to 6 spaces)

Concession 2: £70 or £10/session (limited to 6 spaces)

2 Free Bursary Spots (with application)

Starts September 20th



6:00-8:00pm (BST)

FUCK plants is an eight week writing course designed to explore various ways that we might situate ourselves as being ‘against plants’.


FUCK Plants invites you to dip into ecosexuality, while questioning your sadistic urges; to read vegetative beings through queer negativity, while remaining skeptical bout theory; to rub up against the bark of our photosynthetic kin, while interrogating the pastoral gaze. 


Love plants or hate plants, these workshops offer a space to explore our ambivalence towards them. 

Open to all skill levels and creatives and writers of any medium. You can sign up for all or just some of the weeks!

Week 1 September 20th: Fuck Bois: Tussie Mussies 

We’ll think about posys (aka nosegays), and flowers that seduce through beauty and scent, but couldn’t give two fucks bout us. 

Week 2 September 27th: Fuck You: Sadistic species & plants that kill

A week exploring and responding to plants that are poisonous, carnivorous, & a danger to life. 

Week 3 October 4th: Holy Fuck: Vegatable Monstrosities (lichens, fungi, slime molds)

This week plants can literally fuck off, because we’ll be spending time with lichens, fungi and slime molds: the abject others of the leafy and flowering plant Kingdom. 

Week 4 October 11th: Fuck Yes: Flirting with Ferns

I just really wanna read and write about ferns so we’re having a week on ferns. 

Week 5 October 18th: WTF: Mastication (biting, chewing, swallowing)

How can the sadistic (and erotic?) desire of our consumption & ingestion of plants feed into our writing practice? 

Week 6 October 25th: Fuck Knows: becoming vegetal, becoming illegible 

We’ll ask how we can maintain relations with plants without fetishizing and reducing them to human representation. (With a bit of Delezue and Guattari thrown in).

Week 7 November 1st: Cluster Fuck: entangled with extraction

In various ways and to varying degrees, we are all entwined with capitalism, extractive logics and toxicity. We end by asking how we can ‘stay with the trouble’ of our interconnection to plants (energy, food, materials etc.) while imagining futures where we reorient our relation towards the planthropocene. 

Week 8 November 8th: FML: Open mic 

A space to hear work that participants have written throughout the course. 

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