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Writing in Response
with KR Moorhead

Full Price: £30

Concession 1: £15

Concession 2: £10

Monday June 5th

6-8pm (bst) 


All writing is inherently intertextual, but what can we create when we actively and consciously respond to other texts? How can purposefully taking another text as our starting point, give us new pathways for our writing and creativity?


In this workshop we will:

-Use existing texts to generate new writing and ideas.

-Experiment with exercises that can be applied to our regular writing practice to keep ideas and words flowing.

-Discuss The Deep by Rivers Solomon as a case study (reading not required).


Participants will be asked to choose a short selection of writing (not their own) to share with the group. This could be a few sentences of prose, lines of poetry, script dialogue, song lyrics etc. 


This workshop seeks to be a neurodivergent and disabled friendly space. 

  • Participants are encouraged to eat, drink, stim, move about the room and take breaks as necessary. 

  • Participants are not required to engage via camera or microphone, and are free to use the chat function or not.

  • All instructions will be verbal as well as written. 

  • Live captions during workshop

  • Structure of the workshop can be shared ahead of time

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