Inspired By....
Tawnya Selene Renelle

LEVEL 1: £150 or £25/session (Free Merch Gift)
LEVEL 2: £75 or £12.50/session (Limited to 6 spaces)
LEVEL 3: £37.50 or £6.25/session (limited to 6 spaces)

2 Free Bursary Spaces

Starts Monday May 2nd

 Mondays 6-8pm (GMT) via Zoom

"Imitation is not just the sincerest form of flattery--its the sincerest form of learning"

-George Bernard Shaw

Each week of this six week course we will be turning to different experimental writers to inspire our work. We will look closely at their writing, stylistic choices, themes, and more as a way to kickstart and explore in our creative work! 


Perfect for those new to experimental and hybrid forms or for those who want to deep dive and learn about new authors. This course is designed for you to take each week or join the sessions that most interest you. Open to all skill levels and genres.

Week 1 May 2nd: Carole Maso

"My Form is always an odd amalgam--taken from painting sculpture, theory, film, music, poetry, dance, mathematics--even fiction"- Break Every Rule

Week 2 May 9th: Claudia Rankine

" What if want I want from you is new, newly made, a new sentence in response to all my questions" -Just Us

Week 3 May 16th: Maggie Nelson

" Writing is, in fact, an astonishing equalizer. [. . .] But now that they have been shuffled around countless times--now that they have been made to appear, at long last, running forward as one river--how could either of us tell the difference?" -Bluets

Week 4 May 23rd: Bhanu Kapil

" What you perform/At the the threshold/Is at odds/With what happens/When the front door is closed" - How To Wash A Heart

Week 5 May 30th: Jenny Boully

" I may look like an essay, but I don't act like one. I may look like prose, but I don't speak like it. Or, conversely, I may move like a poem, but I don't look like one" -Betwixt and Between: Essays on the Writing Life

Week 6 June 6th: Dodie Bellamy

" Intense writing creates a vortex and the world opens to be read. It's not about meaning, it's about accident, pattern, connection"- When The Sick Rule the World