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Meandering the Text
with Emma Gomis

Full Price: £300 for all or £30 per session (Free Merch Gift)

Concession 1: £150 for all or £15 per session (limited to 6 spaces)

Concession 2: £100 for all or £10 per session (limited to 6 spaces)

2 Free Bursary Spots

10 Sessions Starting April 11th

Tuesdays 6-8pm (BST)


This course is designed to consider different approaches to embodiment, contemplation and experimental writing. While seemingly simple, the word walk​ has different meanings from which we will base our contemplative writing experiments. Some of these definitions include: to move at a regular pace, to travel over, to accompany someone, to go missing, to be visible or appear, a path or route. We will approach walking as a practice that can splinter open the craft of writing. We will consider how we embody our language and observe the inner topographies of our words. We will wander through labyrinths and happen upon things, moving in an elliptical thinking that opens unexpectedly and strolls into new territory. We will consider who has the privilege to walk in certain spaces and think about borders that limit our travel. Engaging the contemplative as a mode of inquiry, we will embody, question, perform, stroll, trespass and call present attention to the craft of writing so that new possibilities may unfold or open in a work of any mode or genre. 

Check back in December for weekly details and to register!

Or email to express your interest:

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