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Playable Writing
with Helen Bowie

Full Price: £120 for all or £30/session (merch gift)

Concession 1: £60 for all or £15/session 

Concession 2: £40 for all or £10/session


4 Sessions Starting September 21st

Wednesdays 6-8 via Zoom

This workshop series will explore the relationship between writing and games, applying techniques from games to writing, and from writing to games, to create playable, interactive writing. Each session will include examples and exercises across a variety of writing genres and no prior knowledge of any particular game or prior writing experience is needed.

Open to all skill levels and writers and creatives of any genre and medium. You can sign up for all 4 sessions or just the ones that most interest you. 

Session 1 Word Puzzles: September 21st

This workshop will explore new techniques to generate material and revive old drafts by applying word game techniques to writing. This workshop would use simple short form exercises based on word searches and crosswords to create new playable pieces which bridge the gap between creative writing and word games.

Session 2 Finding the Game: October 19th

This workshop will use games as a source of 'found' writing, for example through erasures of boardgame rules, instructions as creative writing and through scrabblegrams. Working with a variety of examples this workshop will include exercises to draw out links between form and content, and find the game at the heart of a piece of writing. 

Session 3 Chance, Variety and Branching Narratives: November 16th

This workshop will look at the use of cards and dice to introduce chance and variety into writing, journaling game techniques and branching narratives. We’ll explore examples of these techniques across different styles of writing and through generative exercises to create and play test different approaches.

Session 4 Writing Playable Objects: December 7th

This workshop will look at how to take writing out of the page and into playable objects such as paper fortune tellers, dice and board game counters. Each object can be created from a single side of paper and no arts and craft skills are necessary! 

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