Writing with Pen

Previous Courses

Cruising Nature
Declan Wiffen

These six workshops invite you to inhabit the environments, ecologies & landscapes you live in through the practice of wandering without specific goal; collecting experiences and scavenging for writing material from the worlds around you. What unexpected encounters might occur if we follow our desire into the unknown? 


The Experimental Memoir 
Tawnya Selene Renelle

12- week course designed to get you exploring your personal narrative or non-fiction working. Investigating themes from family to pain to trauma to writing about writing.

Writing on Her Journal

Experimenting With...
Tawnya Selene Renelle

A course about the ideas and topics that might inspire and shape your work. Each theme a possibility with potential for you to form unexpected connections in your writing.

Laser Scanning Book

Wet: Water, The Body and Desire
Petra Kamula

An elemental evening exploring the intersection of water, bodies, and desire. We’ll swim out into watery geographies and landscapes, unpack how we encounter these places with our bodies, senses and desires, and dive deep into the ways we can experiment with water in our creative work. 


Inspired By
Tawnya Selene Renelle

Each week of this six week course we will be turning to different experimental writers to inspire our work. We will look closely at their writing, stylistic choices, themes, and more as a way to kickstart and explore in our creative work! Perfect for those new to experimental and hybrid forms or for those who want to deep dive and learn about new authors.

Residential Bookcase