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Where does writing happen – on the page, or is it lived? Prompts combines Renelle's work as a pioneering experimental educator, performer and memoirist in a series of poems that invite exploration of this question. Everything Renelle touches becomes a living prompt, even endless locked-down nights with RuPaul’s Drag Race brimming with potential to be transformed into vital art. In the hands of less committed poet, these prompt-poems could meet the fate of so many writing tools, relegated to a proverbial drawer. But the elegant lines probe the distance between a word and its meaning, creating an unfurling new experience from each suggestion; ‘Describe Lingering. / Use “Lingering”. / Linger.’  In Prompts, Renelle, probes her own experiences and the reader in equal depth, before joyfully tossing us the ball, inviting us to ‘Use your own voice. / Your own voice.’

—Suki Hollywood

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