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Structuring Spirituality & Religion
Sarah Barnette

Full Price: £60 for both or £30 per session

Concession 1: £30 for both or £15 per session

Concession 2: £20 for both or £10 per session

2 Sessions Starting December 6th

Tuesdays 6-8pm (BSTT)

via Zoom

This two-part workshop invites you to write into the richness and structural possibilities of spirituality and religion. Through examples of the art and architecture, textual narratives and myths, rites and rituals that diverse traditions have generated across the centuries, you will draw together and explore the creative potential of Religion, Structure, and Spirituality. The word “religion” itself shows its ripeness for experimental writing, having three possible origins: from the Latin “relegere” which means to “go through again” (in reading or in thought); from the Latin “religare” which means “to bind fast,” as in a “bond between humans and gods;” and from “religiens,” meaning “careful,” as opposed to “negligens,” or negligence. In these etymologies, Religion emerges 1) as research, 2) as attachment, and 3) as attentiveness. These three elements will frame (uphold/structure) the workshop and guide its exercises. Whether you are working in poetry or prose, in personal writing or fiction, this workshop invites you to investigate multiple religious traditions and mix and match images and stories and ideas to produce writing unique to yourself and appropriate to your creative journey.   


Workshop 1 December 6th:

You will define your interpretation(s) of spirituality and religion and build upon your views via samples of religious architecture, art, and sacred text across traditions. 


Workshop 2 December 13th:

You will explore spirituality via mythology and narrative in time eternal as well as discuss (“break open,” between yourself and the page) the etymologies of words tied to religious beliefs, rites, and rituals.

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