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Writing With Non-monogamy
with Ruth Charnock and Sarah Amsler

Full Price: £150 for all or £30 per session
Concession Rate: £75 for all or £15 per session
2 Free Bursary Spots (with application)

5 Sessions starting September 27th

Wednesday 6-8pm (BST)


How can writing undo monogamous ways of thinking, being, doing and relating? How is our writing constrained by calcified and normative forms, fears and fantasies about what writing should be and where it should go? Who and what are tied down and twisted by human-only imaginaries, the ‘marriage plot,’ the imperative of prescribed genres, normative happy endings, boring kinds of climax, delusions of linear time, single stories, coherent characters, and the terror of loose ends? How can we write in ways that are more faithful to our already abundant, complex but often invisible and excluded relational ecologies? 


In ‘Writing with Non-monogamy,’ we’ll write through more capacious forms of relationality than are afforded to us by grammars of compulsory monogamy. We’re interested in queer kinds of commitment and the affordances of different forms and practices for non-monogamous writing: graphomania’s passion for proliferation; queer etymology’s intimacy with plurality, subversive/subsumed/lost/forgotten/denied/minor meanings, animism’s more-than-human, earth-and-cosmos-based, nonbinary, relational grammar and participants, and the disruptive connections of erotic forces and flows. 


Who is this for? This workshop is for writers and creatives of all persuasions at all levels of experience, all welcome!


You can sign up for all or just some of the weeks.

Session 1 September 27th: intro to writing with non-monogamy

This week, we’ll explore how compulsory monogamy sneaks into our writing, and write through more capacious forms of relationality and queerer kinds of commitment than are afforded to us by its grammars.

Session 2 October 4th: writing with erotic forces and flows

This week, we’ll deepen our practices of writing with non-monogamy by tuning in with the disrupting-connecting forces and flows of the erotic in its manifold forms.

Session 3 October 25th: writing with graphomania 

This week is dedicated to graphomania’s passion for proliferation, palimpsests and promiscuity.


Session 4 November 22nd: writing with queer etymologies

This week, we will play with queer etymology; expanding imagination through linguistic plurality and the portals of subversive, subsumed, lost, forgotten, denied and minor meanings. 

Session 5 December 6th: writing with more-than-human relations

This week we turn to writing with animism’s more-than-human, earth-and-cosmos-based, nonbinary, relational characters and grammar, and to the ecological response-abilities of non-monogamous writers.

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