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Learning to Run Workshops
Tawnya Selene Renelle

4 sessions for £100, includes a one hour mentorship meeting

Mondays starting April 8th

6-8pm Zoom


Want to learn the skills needed to run a workshop? Curious about how to take a subject you are passionate about and transform it into a workshop? Wondering about career development and how to get your workshop into the world? 

These 4 sessions with Tawnya will help with just that. As an educator of over seven years she will share her knowledge of curriculum development, funding for workshops, community groups, pedagogy and more. 

Included in the price is one mentorship meeting with Tawnya to review your curriculum and discuss career development. Your mentorship meeting will be scheduled after registration.

April 8th: What makes an educator? In our first week together we will discuss and write around concepts of educator. We will think through both good and bad examples and begin to develop our own teaching philosophies and statements.

April 15th: How do we develop curriculums and exercises? Have a subject you love? Part of your creative practice you think might work for other people? We will discuss the ins and outs of putting together a plan for a workshop.

April 22nd: Now that you have a plan, what does it mean to facilitate a workshop? This week we will discuss and learn the ways we can develop our 'style' of teaching. We will be thinking about choices we can make for creating strong learning environments and how we communicate the information to our participants.

April 29th: In our final session, participants will be given the opportunity to present one of their writing exercises to the group. Tawnya will be taking notes and providing feedback.

* Note this last session will run for 3 hours from 5:30pm to 8:30pm.

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