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I have participated in several courses with Beyond Form creative writing, two facilitated by Tawnya Selene Renelle, and two courses with other tutors under the Beyond Form umbrella. The sessions are well researched and resources, with course materials available to read and use in participants' own time for as long as needed. 
The unique characteristics of the session format, for example not chatting among participants until the last 15-20 minutes, has proved extremely productive, and has not diminished the sense of connection between participants, at least not for me. This connection is further facilitated through the online platform associated with the teaching and reading materials. The fact that all Beyond Form courses and workshops continue to run online has meant not just occasional access to high quality teaching, for some selected events, but a reliable source of writing education that is priceless for me as a mostly housebound person living outside of the central belt of Scotland.

-Angela McG

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